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Replacing Your Mac With An iPad: What Apps And Hardware You’ll Need [Feature]

Can an iPad really replace a “proper” computer? Can a ten-inch, 128GB tablet do the work of an eleven-inch 128GB MacBook Air? The answer is yes. Kinda. If your work involves having two windows sitting permanently open side-by-side, then the iPad might not be for you (although you might consider whether you need both windows open together). For most other regular workaday work type work, though. the iPad is ideal. And here’s our guide to replacing your Mac with an iPad. Specifically a Retina iPad, but you might even manage with a mini. SoftwareSoftware is the most important part of the setup. You can add keyboards and even an external …

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PrintJinni: The Only Android Printer You’ll Need

Price: Free Rating: File Storage: Written iPhone App Review If you’ve been a longtime Android user—or iPhone user, for that matter—you’re likely aware of just how hard it is to get content from your mobile device to your Wi-Fi enabled printer. Previously we had to jump through all kinds of hoops and throw down a lot of yo-yo’s to get the magic to happen. Now, though, we can simply use PrintJinni by developer Thinxtream Technologies. The app makes it incredibly easy (and yet oh so complex) to print a variety of files and formats using nothing but your Android phone and a compatible printing destination. For our full review of …

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