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Editorial: Let’s Not Pre-Order Games Any More, Eh?

Over the last few years, gaming pre-orders have become quite the most peculiar thing. What was once the province of the over-excited has now become one of the most crucial revenue streams for big publishers, with games offering as many as eight different versions of their bemusing pre-order bundles, where you can buy the game months before it’s finished, on the promise of some plastic tat and a book of concept art that the game doesn’t look like. And throughout, we’ve been suggesting that no, you really shouldn’t be partaking. And in light of the recent disastergeddons of Aliens: Colonial Marines and SimCity, it feels appropriate to reiterate that. Yes, …

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Toshiba Sends Contractor To My House To Break My TV Even More, Shrugs – Consumerist

Toshiba Sends Contractor To My House To Break My TV Even More, Shrugs Chad is getting surgery soon: a spinal fusion. He’d like to be able to lie around and stare at his TV while he recovers from the operation, but his TV isn’t working so well. Audio from the coaxial connection went fuzzy, and now doesn’t work at all. A technician came to repair the TV, which was under warranty, and just went ahead and drilled through the screen. Now Chad is stuck between the service company and Toshiba, and they just keep passing him back and forth. I purchased a Toshiba 47” 3D Led TV in Early 2012. …

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Acer C710-2055 Chromebook Brings More Memory, Better Battery Life

Five months after releasing the C7 Chromebook, Acer today announced a step-up model to its Google Chrome OS-based laptop with more memory, better battery life and, of course, a higher price tag. Designed primarily for the education market, the Acer C710-2055 promises up to six hours of battery life and carries four gigabytes of RAM. The original C7 has 2GB RAM and up to four hour of battery life. With the upgrades, the C710-2055 is slightly more expensive than the original model, at $ 280 versus $ 200. It’s available starting today. The rest of the laptop’s features are unchanged from the C7. It has an 11.6-inch, 1,366 by 768 …

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Refreshed Acer C7 Chromebook gets more battery, more RAM for $279

Acer has just announced that its C7 Chromebook is getting a much-needed spec bump. The original $ 199 model featured a less-than-capacious battery that was capable of running Chrome OS for just 3.5 hours — not enough for an operating system that’s all about mobility and the cloud. The new C7 configuration is much more robust, thanks to two key upgrades. The 6-cell, 5000mAh battery boasts twice as much capacity as its predecessor and should provide around seven hours of cord-free computing. Acer’s also bestowed the new C7 with a generous helping of memory. 4GB of RAM is now standard instead of 2GB. Horsepower-wise, things haven’t changed. The new C7 still …

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Weekend deals roundup: $899 13″ MacBook Air, $949 11″ MacBook Air, $19 Lightning adapter, $20 32Gb SDHC & more

9to5Toys scours the net each day to bring our US readers the best deals in consumer electronics. Below are the absolute hottest deals going on right now. Most of these promotions are only available for a limited time, so be sure to lock in these savings if you see something you like.  Check back often as we are constantly posting new deals.  for 35+ of the top daily deals across most of the biggest shopping sites in the US including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and many more. which is currently featuring $ 50 The Spring 2013 Mac Bundle that is headlined by normally $ 100 Roxio Toast 11. Top deals of …

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Free Games and Sales: Angry Birds, Mass Effect and more!

By Jim Squires | Mar 8, 2013 | There must be some really crafty birds working in the marketing department at Rovio. The highlight of this week’s sales roundup is, without a doubt, Angry Birds. …but should it be? The game has been out for more than three years, and has sold (doing math… doing math…) a kajillion copies already. If you ask me, I say it’s a trick. What better way to get free publicity then to give away a game that EVERYBODY already owns?!?! Don’t worry though – there are plenty of great deals that aren’t of the avian variety, including a few new bundles and plenty of …

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AOKP, CM teams add more supported devices for Android 4.2 ROMs

CyanogenMOD and AOKP teams have announced that they have added several new Android phones/tablets to their list of supported devices for Android 4.2-based ROMs. If you don’t already know, both AOKP and CM teams are currently in process to refine their Android 4.2 ROMs and have released the latest milestone builds in the last 24 hours. CyanogenMOD team has now added support for Droid Bionic (targa), Droid Razr (spyder), Droid 3 (solana), Droid 4 (maserati), One X GSM (endeavoru), Kindle Fire (1st gen, otter) and Kindle Fire (2nd gen, otter2). These devices were not included in the CM 10.1 M2 release posted yesterday, but they have started getting CM 10.1 …

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Apps, Maps and More: An iOS 7 Wishlist

It’s 2013 and, if tradition reveals itself for another year, we can expect to hear some details of iOS 7 over the next few months. There’s a bunch of new stuff we’d love to see in the next generation of iOS alongside a number of improvements to what there already is. In this article, we’re going to take a look at few of the areas we’d like Apple to take a look at with iOS 7, both to improve the current experience and better compete with the ever-growing rival options from Microsoft, Google and others. Multi-User Support In an ideal world we’d all have an iPad and iPhone of our …

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Custom ROM Spotlight: Rootbox For the Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, and More

Here at Android Headlines, we try to cover a bit of everything as it pertains to Android. So that includes custom ROMs. I’ve already done quite a few reviews of different ROMs for the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy S3. Now today, we are beginning a new feature called “Custom ROM Spotlight”. Each week we’ll be featuring a different ROM. It could be a popular one like Paranoid Android, or it could be one that is only available for the Galaxy Note 2. But if you have an ROM that you’d like to see featured, feel free to leave a comment below. Today, we’re checking out Rootbox. This is a …

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New iOS Games Tonight: Real Racing 3, AVP Evolution, and more!

By Dant Rambo | Feb 27, 2013 | It’s the middle of the work week, which means the App Store is about to turn into a virtual buffet of brand new games. And, unlike real buffets, there’s a decent chance you’ll walk away from this one without an overpowering sense of shame. No promises, though. For those unaware, Wednesday night is basically Christmas on the App Store. There are occasional droughts—and sometimes a piece or two of coal in the proverbial stocking—but more often than not an assortment of excellent, high-profile games make their debut. Tonight’s no different, with anticipated titles like Real Racing 3 and AVP Evolution on the …

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