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Dell announces XPS 18: a giant all-in-one Windows 8 tablet starting at $899 (hands-on)

Dell’s dubbing it a “portable all-in-one,” and that makes a certain degree of sense. Like the Sony Vaio Tap 20 before it, it has most things you’d expect from a full computer, including a range of potent Intel processors, up to 8GB of memory, and a large hard drive. It also adds a five-hour battery so it doesn’t always have to be plugged into the wall, quelling some concerns we had when some details of the device leaked online. Unlike Sony’s creation, however, this PC isn’t an 11.5-pound behemoth that can double as a dumbbell: The XPS 18′s aluminum frame is under 18mm thick and weighs just over five pounds. …

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HP Launch Ubuntu All-In-One PC for £349

The specs of the device aren’t going to blow the socks off anyone, but that’s not a negative; the Pavilion 20 is competent enough in its computing prowess to make it a model machine for everyday tasks. From E-mail and office work, to web-browsing and YouTube cat video marathons, this machine should be capable of handling it. But the real ‘wow’ factor comes from its pricing. At just £349 HP have pitched the PC well within the reach of your average consumer. A similar, though not identical, model is also available with Windows 8 priced at £499. The Pavilion 20 is the first european release of Ubuntu-powered HP hardware. The …

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