Q&A: IPhone coming to sprint in September ?

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Question by rocstar09: IPhone coming to sprint in September ?
I have been hearing about this alot lately. Is it true that sprint will be getting the iPhone (4S or 5) in September when iOS 5 releases? I heard apple has been working on it since April on a CMDA iphone .

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Answer by Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
What do people continue to buy iphone?
——- think of it… Iphones are “easier” to use. They have VERY LITTLE customization power, thus requiring VERY LITTLE brain power to setup and use the phone. (yes i went there). Less brain power = very easily controlled population… **cough** 1984 all over again! **cough** ITs a plug n play device. Turn it on and walla… it works.

Iphone customers really dont care about personalization or customization.. If it looks purdie and shinie… they’ll buy it… They dont care about spec or ability ir functionality… thye just wanna look cool and “fit in”…

Moreover, Iphone was the first modern smartphone on the market. ITs been flashed around everywhere, movies, tv, radios, commercials, magazines, etc.. so the social stigmatism has been set in… and to this heavily influenced by social media and cant make thier own decisions or investigate other markets.. well.. want what they see.

Then, you got the status symbol group. People who want to look Beverly Hills rich… nuff siad there…

Then you have a group I love… the nerds… the only get the Iphone for 1 purpose.. to jailbreak it… Some even rip the iOS ROM off it and put Android OS ROMs on it… and call it iDroids.. big sellers actually.. LOL

Iphone is outdated.. it still wont have 4G HSPA+ and 4G LTE in 2011 on this Iphone 5 or 4S or whatever the idoits are gonna call it. TipB says 4G will come to Iphone 6 in with the A6 core 2012. Im Like wow, no fan luv there. LMAO

Now they say Iphone 5 will be the android killer… LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO… They been saying that since iphone 4…

What funny is that Iphone prides itself on innovation… then android came along and kill thier innovation.. they just cant keep up… now, they made iOS 5… which, to the idiots reading this… its a pure classic rip off copy-cat of Android 2.3.3 OS Gingerbread… So, no more cool things for Iphone… just rip off Google Android.. LMAO… im flattered.. you say our phones and technology is junk and stupid, yet your make your newest god-like righteous iOS 5 firmware based on “junk and stupid” technology… LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

Iphone is a joke… the new Palm Centro!

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