Galaxy Nexus Seeing First Batch of Android 4.2 Custom ROM’s From AOSP – Droid Life


As a Galaxy Nexus owner, you expect nothing but the latest and greatest software to be running on your device. Unfortunately, Verizon is currently not the fastest carrier to deliver such things. But don’t worry, this is Android! Once Android 4.2 hit AOSP, along with the Verizon binaries, the developers got straight to work.

As of right now, we have a few custom ROM’s that feature pure Android 4.2 AOSP code to share with you. Below, we will provide links to their respective forum pages and will continue to share more ROM’s as they emerge. If you have a favorite custom ROM that you would like us to personally flash and share with the community, go ahead and let us know down below in the comments section. 

Now, remember you must be rooted and running a custom recovery to get these to work. If you still have yet to get into the root game, then start learning up so you can run Android 4.2 right here. Be safe, folks and don’t forget to make a backup.

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