Featured: Update your custom ROM the easy way with OTA Creator


How many of you out there are running custom ROMs? Now how many of you get a new update everyday or at least once a week? How would you like to just download the parts of the newer version that changed and flash that zip through recovery? It would be much smaller, especially where Touchwiz ROMs for the Galaxy S3 are in the 600MB+ range. Thanks to XDA Senior Member Thunder07, there’s now a tool to help ROM developers make this process a bit easier.

The application “OTA Creator” is pretty simple. It reads the older version of your ROM (say v1.0) and compares it to your newer version (maybe v1.1 or v2.0) then compiles the differences into an update.zip that can be flashed in recovery. By using this app you’ll save tons of bandwidth, if you’re hosting your ROMs on your website. It’ll also allow your users to flash an update much quicker than waiting for an entire ROM to download.

This application can be very helpful to developers who update their ROMs frequently. The developer can just simply create an incremental zip and not have to have users reflash the entire /system update every time there’s a new update. This app should work for all ROMs on all devices. You can find out more in the source link below.

Any ROM developers out there wanting to use this for their next update? We’ve heard of OTA Update Center in the past, but I don’t think many ROMs are using that service yet. Hopefully this app can help push developers to use OTA features like OTA Update Center and the OTA feature in ROM Manager (available on the Play Store).

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