Update Nexus 7 To Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (How to)


Google Nexus 7


The procedure given in this tutorial is considered as risky and may cause damage to your phone. It is recommended that you should not follow it unless you are familiar with these things. Follow this guide completely at your own risk.

I. Before You Begin: 1. The following procedure works for Nexus 7 tablet only.

2. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power.

4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled

II. Downloading Required Files: III. How to Update Nexus 7 To Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean AOKP M2 ROM 1. Connect your Nexus 7 USB to your computer using the USB cable.

2. Copy both downloaded .zip files to your device SD card.

3. Turn Off your device.

4. Now get your device into Bootloader Mode. For that Turn ON your device while pressing and holding Volume Up + Volume Downand Powerbuttons.

5. Follow onscreen instructions and select Bootloaderand then select Recovery. In CWM Recovery, you will use Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to navigate up and down respectively and for selecting any option, you will use Power button.

6. Once your smartphone is in ClockworkMod recovery, you are ready to perform a Nandroid backup of your existing ROM. For that you will need to select Backup and Restore option followed by selecting Backupagain in next windows. Once the backup is completed, you are ready to go back to main recovery menu by selecting +++++Go Back+++++ option.

7. Now you will need to wipe the previous ROM first. For that select Wipe data/factory reset option and select Yes to confirm the action.

9. Now it select Advancefrom CWM Recovery main menu and then select Wipe Dalvik Cache to perform the Dalvik cache wiping. Once done, go back to main Recovery screen by selecting +++++Go Back+++++ option.

10. Select Install zip from sdcard.

11. Now select Choose zip from sdcard. Now browse for the ROM zip file which you have downloaded and transferred to your Android device and select it using Powerbutton. Confirm the installation to start the installation process.

12. Once installation is done, repeat the above step for installing Google Apps.

13. When done with installation, go back to main recovery menu by selecting +++++Go Back+++++ option and then select reboot system now from main menu.

Now your Nexus 7 will reboot. After is reboots successfully, you can can verify the custom ROM and Android version by going to SettingsAbout Phone

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