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Still, 3.7 pounds is pretty hefty for a tablet meant to be carried in the crook of an arm, clipboard-style, while you input data with the built-in Wacom digitizer and supplied stylus. While most companies that deploy Windows tablets do so alongside custom in-house software for filling out forms, you can use the X230T’s stylus in almost any application that accepts keyboard input. Handwriting-recognition software is included with the unit. It’s surprisingly accurate, and you don’t have to print or learn any kind of special alphabet to get it to work. It does a pretty good job of recognizing traditional longhand.

In addition to the stylus, the screen supports multitouch finger input with two-finger touch and five-finger gesture. Using the multitouch screen in notebook mode can be disconcerting, especially for tasks that require tapping. That’s because poking the screen can move it slightly. When you rotate the screen so it lies flat against the keyboard in tablet mode, screen bounce is not a problem. Otherwise, the screen is very responsive to touch without any lag when items are dragged around the display or tapped with finger or stylus.

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